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Art of Tea Collaboration with Zach Kornfeld is live! Introducing: Zadiko Tea Co.

In the fifth of his six-part YouTube video series, Zach Kornfeld of The Try Guys excitedly announced the launch of his own tea company Zadiko Tea Company. Zach AKA Korndiddy partnered with Art of Tea to help source, blend, and pack an energizing tea blend and a calming tea blend appropriately named Zach’s Breakfast and Mission Chill. In his latest video release, Zach gets to go to the Art of Tea facility in Los Angeles, California to meet with Art of Tea CEO/Founder Steve Schwartz to get more behind the scenes action on how his blends came to life.

Due to COVID-19 both Zach and Art of Tea were required to primarily work on this collaboration completely remotely. Though this created some hardships for both sides, the project prevailed and was able to have a successful pre-launch on August 11th as well as successfully launch the morning of August 25th! 

The video takes you on a journey through part of the Art of Tea production area, also known as a sacred space at the Art of Tea facility. Steve explains the importance of adding some of the sacredness back into the teas that are blended in house by playing the right tunes while blending, using mindfulness in each blending step, and focusing on the importance of using the highest ingredients to impact the customer’s life in a positive way. 

Once in the production facility, Zach is overwhelmed with the amazing scents and smells of all of the teas and botanicals. Every bin he walked by, Zach was hit with intense aromatic smells that were so amazing he even exclaimed that he wanted to live in there!

Steve then walked Zach through cupping the individual ingredients that were in each of his blends but not before adorning Zach with his first official tea tasting spoon. By tasting each ingredient individually, Zach is able to really see the magic of creating a tea blend. After tasting the Assam Tea, Zach notices that it tastes nothing as it does in the blend and Steve notes that “that is the beauty of making a blend is that you can create all of the different nuances and flavor profiles that we are going to pick up from the different base ingredients.” 

Next, Zach tastes Sarsaparilla and is immediately wowed by how good it is. With his audience overwhelmingly asking for mint, Zach then tries fresh mint next and is amazed at how fluffy the mint gets once it has been steeped. The flavor packs quite a punch when tasting on its own Zach notices. Art of Tea has to order the high-quality mint that they use in all of their teas 2 years in advance because it is that phenomenal and there is a higher amount of oil content that naturally exists within the mint.

Moving onto Chamomile, Zach notes that to him it smells like dandelion and Steve notes that to him it smells like oatmeal. Zach then notes that for years he has been saying that he doesn’t like Chamomile but he likes the Chamomile that Art of Tea has to offer. Steve chimes in that “you’re [Zach] absolutely right that you don’t like shitty chamomile, you like fresh-harvested dynamically sourced Chamomile.”

Chamomile and mint both have properties that help neutralize the acidity in the stomach. Chamomile has those natural adaptogen-like qualities that calm and balances the senses. 

Zach then goes into describing why he chose to move forward with loose-leaf tea instead of bagged tea. Steve exclaims, “In order to have more polyphenols, flavinoids, natural oil content, health proponents, and overall flavorful delicious experience - you get that with loose leaf tea.”

If you’re new to loose-leaf tea, Zach describes how to brew the perfect cup of tea. He encourages that there is no way to mess up making tea. As we always say at Art of Tea - the perfect cup of tea is just how you like it. 

Zach then tastes his blends altogether and has a new understanding of each of the separate flavor notes and profiles that went into creating both of his blends. After tasting the single ingredients, he now picks up each flavor note while sipping the complete blends.

Zach exclaims how he fought to find the best possible tea for the best possible price for his followers. He also notes that many shipping proceeds will go to charity. Finally, Zach explains that the teas are organically grown in small farms and co-ops across the world with the aim of providing families within developing countries a fair price for their work. 

The whole Art of Tea team had an absolute blast partnering with Zach on his brand new adventure of launching Zadiko Tea Co. which is now officially live!

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