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Art of Tea is Partnering Up with Still Life Ceramics

At Art of Tea, we’re constantly inspired by the creative energy and artists that make Los Angeles the amazing city that it is. We are always excited to discover brands going above and beyond to make an impact in their community, and today, we are highlighting Still Life Ceramics (SLC).

Founded by the unbelievably talented Mel Keedle and Ana Hento, SLC offers interactive ceramics classes that cater to all levels. They are also constantly on the lookout for different artists and like-minded businesses to partner up with.

We are so excited to announce that SLC and Art of Tea will be partnering up for a Teacup Workshop and Tea Party that will take place in their DTLA studio on Saturday, April 17 and again on Saturday, April 24 at 12 PM PST. To learn more and to buy tickets, please use the following link

Additionally, to learn more about SLC and the art of ceramics, we sat down with Mel to uncover a bit more about her story and what keeps her inspired. 

1. What is your story? How did SLC come to be?

SLC started as a collaboration between Ana Henton and myself. We were working together out of a shared ceramics studio and our projects and commissions were growing to a point that we knew we needed to find our own space to work. I'd fallen in love with teaching ceramics, so when we ventured out and started dreaming of our ideal space, we knew that classes would have to be a part of the studio. Our studio became a place where we could work on our projects at the same time as watching others fall in love with the craft, which has really become one of our favorite things about SLC.

2. What elements go into the art of ceramics? 

Earth, water, fire. A LOT of practice, and a fair amount of heartbreak. You learn, sometimes too slowly, not to get too attached to any particular piece of work because there are so many stages at which a simple mistake or oversight can turn into a disaster. The clay goes through so much to become a finished product, being stretched and twisted, water added and taken away, and then fired twice at extreme temperatures. It's a slow and rewarding process.

3. What do you envision for the future of ceramics? 

Accessibility, for both makers and consumers. Ceramics has been slow to shift, there has been a bit of an old guard, especially in galleries and communal studios, but there is a shift happening as younger folks come to the craft and shake things up a bit. It has been amazing discovering artists I didn't know before via social media, and I get excited seeing all kinds of folks take classes and fall in love with it.

4. What trends and which artists inspire you and your work the most?

On the studio side of things, I'm really inspired by everyone at POT LA, and I get inspired by too many artists to name, and not to mention all the amazing artists we are lucky to have on our studio team.

5. How do you encourage people without a creative background to try ceramics?

Just try it. I didn't have a creative background before starting, but the craft brought out my creative side. It's a very slow and meditative process that allows space for the creativity to flow, and there are some elements that, especially as a beginner, are kind of out of your hands, so it is often a pleasant surprise when the first pieces come out of the kiln and you've made something beautiful and functional.

6. What is your favorite tea?

Earl Grey for the win. Or a milky Chai Masala. 

We hope you feel inspired to take a stab at ceramics and that you’ll join us for our Teacup Workshop and Tea Party.

Happy sipping & sculpting!

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