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Art of Tea x Guittard Chocolate Company

When Art of Tea CEO and founder Steve Schwartz first dreamt up the idea of combining matcha and cocoa powder for an unconventional twist on a winter classic, he knew how important finding the right partners would be to bring his vision to life. Blending the proper ingredients together in perfect harmony was tantamount to ensuring a deliciously balanced brew, and doing this without adding any sweetener to the mix added an extra hurdle. In order to make this initiative a success, finding the perfect cocoa was key.

Art of Tea approached Guittard Chocolate Company for this project because of their similar brand ethos and shared commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients. With a proven dedication to supporting small farms, promoting sustainable business practices, and of course, creating delicious chocolate products, Guittard was the perfect fit to make Matcha Cocoa a success.

Art of Tea’s Master Blenders worked closely with the Guittard team to find the right cocoa to perfectly complement Grade A Matcha’s bitter and grassy properties. Both teams ultimately chose Guittard’s unsweetened Cocoa Rouge, a rare and luscious red dutch-process cocoa powder to support this product launch.

After several rounds of hand-blending and tasting, Matcha Cocoa, an exquisite medley of Grade A Matcha, Cocoa Rogue, and a surprising hint of passionfruit, came to be.

Matcha Cocoa is currently available for sale on Art of Tea’s website. It is also available as a limited-release bundle with custom-crafted “matchamallows” from Little Flower Candy Co.

We invite you to prepare a cozy cup of Matcha Cocoa for a decadent and indulgent treat.

To learn more about partnering with Art of Tea and seeing what we can create together, please email us at marketing@artoftea.com.

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