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Art of Tea x Kroma Wellness

When Lisa Odenweller founded her new functional health and superfood company, Kroma Wellness, she was on a mission to create delicious products that harness the power of superfoods to help restore balance and energy in the mind, body, and spirit. She began seeking brand partnerships to support her initiative, and when she began thinking of creating a detox tea blend, she came to Art of Tea.

Kroma approached Art of Tea for this project because they were looking for a company that could deliver on their mission to make nature’s superfoods approachable and delicious without sacrificing quality or taste. Drawing inspiration from our shared brand values, Perfect Fast, a soothing tea blend designed to complement daily fasting, was born.

Art of Tea’s Master Blenders worked closely with Kroma to compile a list of ingredients that have been known to help detox the body, support digestion, and boost overall mood. With the list of must-have ingredients in mind, our Master Blenders went to work to create a tea that was both delicious and nourishing. After two rounds of hand-blending utilizing ingredients sourced directly from small farms and like-minded partners, we landed upon an exquisite custom blend featuring ingredients that include organic ginger, turmeric, and licorice. 

Perfect Fast is currently available for sale on Kroma’s website. The new company and associated products have received incredible reviews and endorsements with support from icons like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Seinfeld, and Amy Schumer

To learn more about partnering with Art of Tea and seeing what we can create together, please email us at marketing@artoftea.com.

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