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Art of Tea x The Bouqs Co.

To celebrate spring, Art of Tea and The Bouqs Co. joined forces for the debut of Garden Confetti, a delicious custom tea blend inspired by The Bouqs Co.’s breathtaking bouquets.

Art of Tea and The Bouqs Co. first came together due to their similar brand ethos and commitment to creating the highest-quality experience for their customers. Both Southern California-based companies, through their dedication to transparent sourcing, sustainability, and working directly with small farms around the world, knew that there was great potential to create an unforgettable Mother’s Day experience together. Through their synergy, and the love, care, and respect that went into each step of the collaboration, Garden Confetti came to be.

Art of Tea and The Bouqs Co. met several times in order to create a custom tea blend that was true to both brands. Step one of the process was a deep dive into one another’s products and processes. Both companies were inspired by butterfly ranunculus flowers, leading to the eventual pairing. Next was three rounds of hand-blending different botanicals and teas to create a blend that would mimic the magic of steeping and drinking fresh flowers. Finally, with the guidance of The Bouqs Co. team and Art of Tea’s Master Blender, Steve Schwartz, the perfect balance of botanicals and white and green teas was blended. With ingredients sourced directly from small farms and like-minded partners, both brands used their commitment to environmentalism and quality to create a truly remarkable custom blend called Garden Confetti, a delicious tea designed to perfectly complement fresh flowers. 

Garden Confetti was available for sale as an exclusive limited release on the Art of Tea website and app, and also in an “Afternoon Tea” bundle on The Bouqs Co. website paired with a gorgeous butterfly ranunculus bouquet. 

The collaboration was featured in Forbes’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide, Paradise Magazine Mother's Day Guide, Eater National’s Add to Cart Newsletter and Column, and Cinnamon Magazine in a spotlight piece

Afternoon Tea sold out within 24 hours of its launch, with both Art of Tea and The Bouqs Co. being swarmed by customer requests for additional inventory. Art of Tea and The Bouqs Co. were both incredibly pleased by the reception that Garden Confetti and Afternoon Tea received, further reinforcing both of their beliefs that we can all create a brighter future when we come together. 

To learn more about partnering with Art of Tea and seeing what we can create together, please email us at marketing@artoftea.com.