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4 Ways You Can Cook Something Bold With Tea!

How do you define bold? In tea, bold is a description usually tied to black teas. There are a lot of "no duh" recipes that include tea. Baked goods using Matcha are almost always delicious. Ice pops and cocktails are also a safe bet. However, we think it is important to branch out with tea-infused recipes you'll have to try for yourself.

Wake Up With Green Eggs

Dr. Suess made Green Eggs and Ham a famous combination. It's easy to make simple green eggs: just add food dye! For a more advanced culinary treat, go bold and try making Matcha Eggs Benedict! This recipe from A Couple Cooks uses powdered green tea in its hollandaise sauce to deliver a powerful pop of color. There's an added bonus to using Matcha, too. If you're enjoying a sleepy Sunday brunch, you can expect a nice kick of energy from the Matcha, too! 

Your New Thanksgiving Tradition

When preparing your turkey this Thanksgiving, you might find the perfect ingredient for your brine on your tea shelf. It sounds wacky (and bold!), but you can use tea to add extra flavor to your turkey brine. This year, there's still time to add these ingredients to your shopping list so you can add this elegant dish to your Thanksgiving menu. 

Fiesta or Tea-esta?

While we're talking about meats marinated in tea, we'd hate to forget to include a rooibos-marinated taco recipe in this mix. Rooibos is an African plant that's naturally sweet and caffeine-free. You can find it as a base in many of our caffeine-free blends, like French Lemon Ginger and 9:00 PM. This recipe by Adventures in Cooking combines sweet and tangy flavors through its rooibos smoked pork and fruity salsa. You'll look like a 5-star chef at your next dinner party if you bring out these decadent flavors. 

We Didn't Forget About Vegans...

If meat, eggs, and dairy aren't your thing, you can still make savory meals using tea. You can find matcha gnocchi and green tea soba noodle recipes online among many others.

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