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Holiday Tea Cocktail Recipes

You're probably thinking to yourself, "tea? In a cocktail?" It does seem a little unusual, doesn't it? But if you can make alcoholic drinks with a coffee base, why not tea? You just have to know what kinds of tea to pair with what kinds of alcohol, and voila! Learn more about how to utitlize tea in your holiday cocktails now.

Black Tea as a Base

Black tea serves as a great base for tea cocktails. This is because black tea offers a variety of great foundational flavors for crafting the perfect drink. Some of these flavors include, malty, smooth, and smoky notes, depending on the type of black tea you select. Black tea is also the boldest of the types of tea, making it a great complement to your favorite booze.

Black Tea with Bourbon or Whiskey

A great black tea cocktail is a chai tea cocktail. Some people prefer whiskey, while others prefer bourbon in this drink. Overall, it's easy to make since you start by making a normal chai tea recipe with your choice of milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, etc. Another great option is using Ginger Spice Chai concentrate to make a perfectly balanced chai tea latte with minimal effort! Once your chai is prepared, simply add either 3oz of bourbon or whiskey. 

Some of the alcoholic content may "burn off" in the hot drink, but the flavor will remain. That is exactly what you want! All of the great spices and the rich flavor coming off of the alcohol creates a delicious holiday drink you’re such to love.

Black Tea with Brandy

Another black tea beverage mixes alcohol and brandy. If you like hot toddys, you’ll love this spiced brandy and black tea cocktail. It combines lemon, orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, black tea, and brandy together in perfect harmony. This holiday cocktail is both aromatic and delicious, making it the perfect brew to sip on while you’re sitting around the fireplace this winter.

Black Tea with Cream Liqueur

Cream liqueurs mixed with tea, particularly Bailey’s Irish Cream, make especially delicious cocktails. The blend of cream and cocoa in the Bailey’s mixed with the whiskey does double duty as both a tea creamer and alcoholic sweetener. Adding high-quality black tea to Bailey’s Irish Cream, makes for a very nice after-dinner drink or dessert cocktail.    

Holiday Tea Cocktails Made with Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea immediately becomes a delicious cocktail with very little effort. Try peppermint tea with 2oz ounces of Smirnoff peppermint vodka, crème de menthe, or Bailey's chocolate peppermint liqueur, for a festive seasonal cocktail that everyone will love. It doesn't take much more than a little imagination and a stroll down the holiday alcohol aisle to find the right liquor or liqueur to jazz up your peppermint tea!

Holiday Tea Cocktails Using Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea has citrus notes that pair beautifully with cinnamon liqueur or orange-flavored brandy. These flavors  really complement and highlight the fruity notes of Jasmine tea, creating a delightful holiday tea cocktail.

Pomegranate Tea

Incorporating seasonal fruit like pomegranate into a holiday drink is a wonderful way to spread holiday cheer. Pomegranate green tea mixed with orange juice and either champagne or sparking white wine is the perfect addition to a holiday brunch. 

Other Holiday Teas

There's always some sort of flavored holiday liquor or liqueur that pairs well with high quality tea. Consider experimenting in your kitchen with your favorite Art of Tea blends to craft up your own holiday cocktails. Try serving festive tea cocktails to loved ones this holiday season to see what they think. It might just become a brand-new tradition!

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