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Sip on This for Super Bowl Sunday

Before sitting down to watch the Super Bowl, arm yourself with a delicious cocktail made with tea. As you root for (or yell at) your favorite team, a tea-infused cocktail can help quench your thirst. If your favorite team gets behind, sipping a tea-infused cocktail is also a great way to keep your nerves in check.

One option for your tea cocktail base is Art of Tea’s Italian Blood Orange tea. Its sweet citrusy taste and light pink hue are sure to be enjoyed even if the referees blow a call. While the game's results may keep you awake all night, this caffeine-free iced tea will not bother you.

Don't leave the rest of your tea pantry on the bench! Bring all of your favorite teas into the game. From cookies and cupcakes to savory snacks, tea can play a role in all of your gameday recipes. For ideas on how to cook with tea head over to the Art of Tea Pinterest where we have hundreds of recipes that are sure to please any football fan. 

This organic iced tea cocktail is the perfect winning combination to delight your guests. There is also no need to worry if you will keep your company awake long after the game is over as this iced tea is caffeine free.

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  1. Steep 1 tbsp of Art of Tea’s Italian Blood Orange Tea in 8 oz. boiling water for 5-7 min. You can use a tea infuser or your choice of teaware for steeping the tea.

  2. Cool to room temperature.
  3. In a rocks glass filled with ice, combine 3 oz. of chilled Italian Blood Orange Tea and all other ingredients.
  4. Stir and garnish with an orange peel.