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5 Great Reasons to Buy Quality Tea

Whether you’re new to Art of Tea, or you’re a seasoned tea fanatic, you might be wondering if there’s much of a difference between your run-of-the-mill store bought tea bags, and high quality loose leaf tea. At Art of Tea, we know there’s a world of difference, and it doesn’t take a connoisseur to tell them apart. Expand your tea horizons with a new aromatic, hand-blended tea every month as a member of our Tea Club, and taste these 5 reasons we choose high quality tea every time.

1) Flavor Profile and Aroma

Every type of tea, from black tea to rooibos, has a distinct and unique flavor profile with different tasting notes. Because high quality teas are typically processed by hand, and made from select ingredients, the smell and taste of the resulting brew are strong, complex, and unaltered by any manufacturing processes.

2) Higher Tea Grade

When tea is manufactured, it is passed through a series of progressively finer sieves in a process known as tea grading. Most tea that you find at the grocery store is low grade, meaning that it is composed of the finest leaf shavings and dust that remain at the end of grading, mixed together with broken leaves. High grade quality loose leaf teas are made from whole, unbroken tea leaves for full bodied flavor. At Art of Tea, we source only from the top 2% of all teas produced in the world. Quality is something that we wholeheartedly refuse to compromise on, and we take great pride in the teas that we are able to offer you, our communiTEA.

3) Maximize Healing

Low grade teas can be contaminated by tea bag additives like trace amounts of bleach and microplastics, and lack the antioxidant and health benefits of pure high grade teas. Different types of teas are associated with helping address various health concerns, and may improve immunity, assist in weight loss, prevent cardiovascular disease, and so on.

4) Better Value

Low grade tea may be cheaper than quality tea, but it is so many steps below when it comes to taste, flavor, and health benefits, that it is not worth the savings. Sometimes, lower grade bagged tea will actually cost you more in the long run than a tin of loose leaf, which yields more cups and can actually be reinfused and steeped more than once!

5) A Meaningful Ritual

At Art of Tea, we deeply respect the ritual aspect of tea. Preparing a pot or a cup is a momentary meditation, a mindfulness practice, nestled into your day’s activities. There is no doubt that this ritual means so much more when it involves the inspiring aromas and stimulating flavor of high quality tea.

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