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A Journey of Ritual, Discovery, and Impact

Art of Tea CEO and Founder Steve Schwartz released his debut book, Art of Tea: A Journey of Ritual, Discovery, and Impact, earlier this year. The book shares the story behind his path to finding his passion in tea, as well as his journey in starting a business that has grown into an award-winning, international tea brand.

About the Author

Steve Schwartz is a Master Tea Blender and the Founder of Art of Tea, a hand-crafted tea purveyor based in Los Angeles. At Art of Tea, Steve applies his background in Ayurveda, initially cultivated during his time studying at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, to the creation of award-winning tea blends that showcase his passion for the alchemy of combining herbs and botanicals. As enthusiasm for his tea blends continued to grow, Steve began honing in on a vision for the company that would become Art of Tea. He took the leap to found Art of Tea in 2004 and has since grown the company from a small-scale operation in his living room to a world-renowned brand with a warehouse in Monterey Park, just outside of Downtown Los Angeles.

Join Steve as he reveals the riveting story behind growing Art of Tea from a tiny tea concept into an industry leader. Driven by the desire to make a lasting impact, Steve delves into the importance of ritual and how it has played a pivotal role in his life and his company's success.

The Journey

The book is inspired by Steve’s belief that everyone is driven by something deeper, something that propels them forward to reach their greatest potential. His rocket fuel comes from the notion of impact. While he firmly believes that tea can significantly impact one’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness, Steve’s book reveals that it’s the place tea holds in one’s life that is most powerful. In a rapidly moving world, Steve views tea as timeless and analog, offering a simple way to incorporate a sensory experience and ritual into each day. Here, the book delves into the value of finding space for a daily tea ritual, along with Steve’s guidance for the reader to achieve profound change through the beauty of those moments. He provides easy-to-follow inspiration for tea enthusiasts of all levels.

Throughout the book, Steve’s compelling words showcase how he turned the most challenging moments of his life into the seeds for a company that has attained international success since its founding in 2004. While Art of Tea has cultivated an expansive network over the years that includes relationships with brands and destinations such as Google, #Slack, Caesars Palace, The Peninsula Hotels, The Getty, and more, Steve Schwartz continues to pride himself on his mission to introduce individuals to the power of tea.

Art of Tea: A Journey of Ritual, Discovery, and Impact is available for purchase on Art of Tea’s website as a hardcover book for $29.32, as well as in various bundles and tea starter kits. An audiobook version on Audible will feature additional content for listeners to enjoy.

Thank you for being a part of the journey. Cheers.


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