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How to Spend Your Art of Tea Gift Card

If you lucked out this holiday season, somebody showed you love by sending you an Art of Tea gift card. Not going to lie, we're a little jealous. There are so many amazing teas in store for you!

So where should you start? We've picked out our 5 favorite buys for anybody with an Art of Tea gift card burning a hole in their pocket.

Ceramic Mug

You can't drink tea if you don't have a cup! We recommend our Ceramic Mug for no-fuss sipping. Made by W/R/F Lab in Southern California, this Ceramic Mug holds about 12oz of your tea of choice. The mug is handcrafted and hand-glazed with a modern color block design.

Award-Winning Tea Sampler

Tea's the product we're known for, and these are the ones we do best! Try four of our most highly-revered teas and test out our patented filter bags with this diverse sampler pack. This set of teas includes Green Pomegranate, a fruity green tea that tastes great both hot and iced; Tuscany, a minty and floral white tea blend; 9:00 PM, a caffeine-free Rooibos; and Passionfruit Jasmine, a black and green tea blend that also serves as a fantastic iced tea. 

Perfect Tea Spoon and Tea Timer

Whoever said "There's no such thing as perfect" clearly never used the Art of Tea Perfect Tea Spoon and Perfect Tea Timer. We've figured out the exact amount of tea you need for an 8 oz. cup of tea and this spoon is the way to scoop it! This stainless steel spoon falls between a teaspoon and tablespoon to help you brew deliciously consistent cups of tea. 

Once you've measured out the perfect scoop of tea, don't oversteep it! Oversteeping tea can give unwanted bitterness or astringency, so we suggest using the Perfect Tea Timer to steep your tea perfectly. Ranging from three to five minutes, the perfect tea timer is great for timing almost every tea's suggested steep time. When brewing a black or oolong tea, you can even select how strong of a brew you'd like, ensuring every cup is steeped to your satisfaction.

Of course, you could always just use your gift card to buy our most popular product: Tea. Choose from hundreds of teas, tisanes, blends, and blooms and find your next tea obsession. 

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