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Beat Holiday Stress With Tea

The holidays can be a fun and exciting time of year. They can also be extremely stressful with all of the cooking, shopping, gift wrapping, hosting, cleanup, and more. If you feel yourself slipping into panic mode, you may be able to help alleviate this gripping feeling before it turns into full-blown panic mode by incorporating tea into your routine. 

The process of brewing and enjoying your tea can be soothing in and of itself. Taking time to breathe while the water boils and then again while the tea cools to a drinkable temperature can help you find the "center" you need to function later. There are also different benefits to drinking tea depending on the type of tea. Here are three teas that may be able to help calm you down while gently picking you up.

Organic Green Tea

Organic green tea is one tea drink that may help you relax while also providing a gentle boost of energy and nutrients. Green tea is an unoxidized tea, which essentially means that it has a higher concentration of chlorophyll, polyphenols, and antioxidants. 

It should be noted that green tea also contains caffeine, around 30-40mg of caffeine per 8oz cup. That said, this is only a third of the amount of caffeine normally found in your morning coffee. Either way, brewing a cup of green tea may help you to relax, breathe, and find renewed energy to continue with your holiday tasks.

Lavender Tea

Lavender is a natural relaxant, calming and reassuring in its smell and taste. This is precisely why so many bath products and personal care products contain lavender oil and/or lavender scent. If you really need to calm down, tea infused with lavender or made from crushed lavender may do the trick. 

Most people opt to drink lavender tea shortly before bed. Combined infusions of lavender and chamomile teas are often referred to as "sleepy time" teas because they lull you into a pleasing and relaxed state.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is very festive and fits right in with the holiday season. The invigorating scent and taste of peppermint help reawaken your senses. It activates a part of the brain that wants to shut you down when all you want to do is keep going. Additionally, peppermint oil has been scientifically shown to aid in digestion, reduce acid reflux, and improve sleep, which you definitely need to reduce the effects of holiday stress. 

If you really like peppermint, but you aren't crazy about the aftertaste of tea leaves, consider stirring your peppermint tea with a candy cane, which will not only sweeten the tea but help lessen the aftertaste of tea leaves.

Chamomile Tea

As previously mentioned, another tea that has long been a treatment for stress and insomnia is chamomile. All-natural remedies and stores promoting natural holistic health products recommend chamomile tea for its soothing properties. A lot of people drink a cup of chamomile before bed as it relaxes the body and mind which may help you asleep faster. Chamomile has also been known to help reduce stress and anxiety, such that you can keep working on your to-do list. 

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