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Surprise Them with Pearls (Jasmine Pearls, That is!)

This year, get your special someone Jasmine Pearls Tea.

Our Jasmine Pearls are sure to blow them away with their stunning fragrance, mellow coloring, and delicate finish. Here at Art of Tea, we only use organic green tea that is hand-picked at the source, subsequently dried, and then hand-rolled into small pearls, scented with fragrant blooming jasmine. And that’s it! But don’t let its simplicity fool you; Jasmine Pearls has a truly remarkable and complex flavor profile that is sure to delight all of the tea lovers in your life.

Jasmine Pearl Tea has been a staple in China for years, dating back to the Song dynasty over 1000 years ago. Back then, it was typically reserved for the emperor, but today, it is enjoyed by many worldwide.

We invite you to appreciate this beautiful handcrafted tea by using all 5 of your senses. Feel each individual, hand-rolled pearl to appreciate the work that went into the picking and rolling. Observe the different colors and textures that make up this delightful green tea. Take a moment to listen to the sound of the hot water washing over the pearls while simultaneously watching them unfurl. Inhale deeply to enjoy their signature aroma that grows more powerful the longer they steep. And of course, sip slowly and with intention to make the most of this sensory experience. 

You can also continue to steep your Jasmine Pearls until they have entirely unfurled and released their flavor. We recommend using water that is between 180-185 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes for the initial brew, and re-steeping tea only within the first hour from when it is made. 

So this year, surprise them with Jasmine Pearls and give the gift of smooth, flavorful, organic, and truly delicious green tea.