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Teaware for Every Personality

This season's collection of teaware items is packed with phenomenal gifts and accessories so anyone can savor a delicious cup of tea. Any tea-drinking aficionado or beginning tea drinker can find something worth taking home here or gifting to a friend. 

Our Top Teaware Items for Every Giftee 

Finding the right teaware will elevate anyone’s kitchen counter setup and teaware collection, so you always have the right tools for any tea craving. Finding the right tea equipment to suit one’s needs can be tricky though. That’s why we created this guide to find the right tea gift for any kind of tea drinker.

Host With the Most

Colored Cups

Taking a swig of a freshly steeped cup feels better when you are doing it out of a colorful glass mug. These cups are built utilizing an elegantly curved glass handle, ensuring a sturdy grip and minimal slippage. Furthermore, the heat-resistant glass can hold hot or cold drinks, so you can pick them up without worrying. 

Double Walled Shaker

Double-walled glass stabilizes this container's temperature and ensures its contents remain cool or hot, depending on what you’re brewing. Additionally, it is constructed including a mesh infuser, so users can shake the bottle to aerate their matcha or favorite loosed tea for a one-of-a-kind cocktail or tea latte. Simply toss, turn, and tumble the container for around 20 seconds for best results.

Out and About Day Drinker


Occasionally, a tall tumbler is suited for one’s needs better than a small cup. Further, the 16-ounce tumbler's schematics incorporate 18/8 stainless steel and a double wall, minimizing heat loss. Consequently, the chamber will keep anyone’s beverage cold for the entire day, perfect for being on the go. 

Electric Tea Kettle

Brewing your next cup takes time, but life can be in a rush sometimes. Modern kettles are created with precision pour spouts, variable temperature controls, and an LCD screen. A user can set their kettle on a timer, turning it off after a specified time period. Likewise, a PID controller can maintain a steady temperature without affecting efficiency.

Tea Infusers

A tea infuser contains space for loose tea leaves, allowing maximum flavor extraction. Since it has been designed using a stainless steel strainer, no tea particles escape during percolation. Therefore, each taste will be pure, refreshing, and flavorful. Its design is compatible with almost any kettle, mug, or cup, making it an ideal tea ritual complement. 

Ceramic Mug

Ceramic mugs are unique in their ability to withstand heat, making them ideal for tea. Each of these handmade cup's interior capacity is sufficient to accommodate up to 12 ounces of fluid. In addition to their spacious capacity, these cups also include a modern color block design and hand glazing. 

Experienced Tea Lover 

Glass Storage Canister

Storing tea leaves in a glass jar preserves the leaves' organic constituents, preserving flavor. Depending on the tea density, the glass jar is large enough to accommodate between 8 ounces and 1 pound of tea. Black teas are denser, so more weight can stuff into the jar. 

Iced-Tea Drinker → 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker
Today's latest tea makers can brew teas in multiple manners, including cold, hot, or flash chill. Our Iced Tea Maker utilizes BPA-free plastic, so you can put them in the dishwasher's top rack without causing any issues. When you are steeping tea, twist the airtight cap down to reduce spillage, and it has a removable infuser for easy cleaning. 
All Tea Drinkers → Glass Teapot
This teapot's sturdy glass construction prevents it from breaking easily. It also has a perfectly sized handle, and the see-through glass delights tea enthusiasts who thrive on seeing tea's beautiful hue as they sip. This tea pot is a thrilling addition to anyone's teaware set. 

Adding to Your Teaware Collection

Purchase a tea gift for your friends and family, and surprise them with something they will love. Whether you buy a cup, mug, or kettle, these gifts will be beloved by anyone who receives them.