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A Deep Dive on our Ginger Spice Chai Concentrate

Nothing screams ‘cozy’ quite like chai tea. This delicious black tea blend is known for its warm spices and comforting flavor notes, perfect for a chilly morning. This year, we’ve made it easier than ever to make the perfect chai tea latte with Ginger Spice Chai, now available for purchase!

Ginger Spice Chai, awarded Best New Specialty Non-Coffee Beverage by Specialty Coffee Association, is bold and delicious, with a ginger-forward kick that perfectly balances sweet and heat. Simply stir together equal parts chai concentrate and milk of your choice, and voila! Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon for an indulgent treat, or pour over ice. The possibilities are endless and are all equally delicious.

To learn more about Ginger Spice Chai, please reference the following Q&A, or get in touch with support@artoftea.com

What type of black tea is used in the black tea extract?

The black tea is of Indian origin.

What is black tea extract?

Black tea extract is tea powder that can easily dissolve in hot and/or cold liquid. 

How is it extracted?

We extract liquid from fresh tea leaves on the same day of harvest. It is extracted using a water

solvent and high pressure to produce a high yield of good quality extract. 

What type of sugar is in the Ginger Spice Chai?

It is cane sugar, and there are 5 grams per serving.

What recipe do you recommend for the perfect chai tea latte?

Combine one packet of Ginger Spice Chai powder with one quart of freshly drawn water, cold milk of choice, or warm milk of choice. Stir or shake until the powder is fully mixed. If you prefer a milder brew, combine one packed of Ginger Spice Chai with two quarts of regular or plant-based milk. Store any leftover chai sealed in a refrigerated area for up to 72 hours.

We can’t wait for you to try our brand new Ginger Spice Chai Concentrate. For more information on pack sizes and pricing, please head over to the Ginger Spice Chai product page.