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Dessert Tea: The New Alternative to Sweets

Everyone needs a boost of sugar from time to time, but we're well aware of the consequences of overindulgence. Giving in to sugar cravings too frequently can impact your mind and body, causing irritability or fatigue. It's important to be mindful of the sugar you consume, which is why Art of Tea has an entire selection of organic, delectable dessert teas to choose from. Instead of overloading on sugars and carbs, experiment with these dessert teas to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Velvet Tisane

This Velvet Tisane is a rich alternative to average sugary foods. A combination of rooibos, sweet ground chocolate, and organic mint provides a succulent treat with a smooth vanilla finish. Like diving into a traditional scarlet cake, this velvety tea melts on your tongue and provides the same cherry notes and warming effects you know so well. With a very low caffeine content, you won't suffer the same hyperactive symptoms as a sugar high. Instead, the ground chocolate will provide gentle alertness and calming contentment. 

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Vanilla Berry Truffle 

The Vanilla Berry Truffle Tisane is an excellent choice to substitute the taste of light and crispy truffle. The tart berry married with vanilla notes gives the tea a soft and enticing taste, which is finally glazed over with fresh cream. Best of all, this truffle tea is entirely caffeine-free, so it can be divulged in at any time of day. 


Lemon Meringue 

A perfect alternative to springtime dessert, the Lemon Meringue Tea will keep you from reaching for the silverware. This bright, lemony beverage captures everything from the lovely texture of authentic pie to the aromatic finish of it. Orange peels, rose petals, and green rooibos blended artfully into one savory tea makes for a coup de grace when the sugar cravings threaten you with defeat. 


Caramelized Pear

Rounding out the finish is one of Art of Tea's most popular samples, the Caramelized Pear Dessert Tisane. Enriched with honey, organic apples, and marigolds, this fruity tea takes the cake for a treat that will satisfy the senses. Not too rich and not too subtle, this tea replicates a flavor that is difficult to imitate, but delicious when it's done well. Finally, this Pear tea is caffeine-free as well, meaning it can be brewed at the finality of lunch or the beginning of bedtime. 


Curbing your sugar intake can be trying. We've all crumbled under the pressure of cakes, cookies, and chocolate. The siren song of an ice cream float can entice even the strongest of us. However, taking a sabbatical from sugar can be so deeply rewarding. Cutting out sugar can increase your mood, decrease bloating and fatigue, and break the cycle of dependency on sweets. Natural alternatives such as a warming cup of dessert tea can make all the difference in providing the flavor and rich decadence of the real thing while saving your body and mind from the consequences of sugary carbs. Venture out into the realm of organic, fair-trade certified tea to champion the battle of sugar needs and indulge in an entirely new way.

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