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Introducing: Art of Tea Matchasticks

After working with a family farm in Japan for almost a year, we're finally ready to introduce you to our newest product: Art of Tea Matchasticks. Pre-measured and packed into light and heat resistant sticks, Matchasticks make enjoying matcha easy. If you're new to matcha, the barrier to entry is low. You don't need a whisk or matcha bowl to enjoy Matchasticks. You just need a bottle, like this one. If you're a matcha veteran, you will love our Matchasticks' freshness. Our matcha is ground and packed at origin and immediately stored in a freezer to lock in freshness. 

The Story

In May of 2017, our CEO went to Japan to visit one of the family farms we rely on for our Japanese green teas. We've worked closely with this farm for years and have met the farmers, tea producers, and their families. Because we've developed such a deep connection and relationship with this farm, we're able to source better and rarer teas than ever before. 

When our CEO, Steve, was in Japan in 2017, he was able to both source a rare, limited-supply tea called Shincha and begin work on what we're now offering as Matchasticks. Matchasticks contain a proprietary matcha blend made with three varietals of green tea and that's it. No fillers, fibers, or additives. Just green tea leaves. This unique blend helps create the Matchasticks' balanced and sweet flavor profile. 

It's difficult to find matcha in the United States that's as fresh as matcha in Japan. Matcha goes on a journey to make it to American shelves. It often goes through farms, packing plants, distributors, warehouses, and countless middlemen. We think that's silly. Our matcha is ground and packed at origin and then shipped directly to us. That's it. It's the closest matcha will ever get to being farm to table.

Your New Morning Routine

We'll be candid here: We think everybody should ditch coffee for matcha. 

When it comes to comparing the two, we can't think of a single argument coffee could win. (Unless you're fond of feeling jitters, we guess.) Matcha has the same caffeine content as coffee, but gives a longer, more even-headed caffeine buzz. There's a reason monks drink tea instead of coffee before sitting down for hours of meditation. Matcha is also believed to be beneficial to your health. Finally, Matchasticks take significantly less effort than a cup of coffee. Just add one Matchastick to a bottle of water and shake.  

Try our new Matchasticks and see what all the buzz is about. 

How to Prepare

Art of Tea has partnered with Wolfgang Puck restaurants for over a decade. Watch this video to see our tips and tricks on how to whisk Matchasticks and also see how Wolfgang Puck's Test Kitchen combines elegance with tradition to create exquisite gold-flaked matcha.

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