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Learn All About Our Teabag Sachets

Many people ask why we offer pyramid sachet tea bags when we could just offer loose leaf teas. As a sustainability-minded team, we love this question because it helps us to connect closer with our communiTEA. As a mission-driven organization, one of our goals is to always meet our customers where they are. This means that we want to continue to offer products that support the needs of our customers while also staying true to our why and who we are as a company.

While we offer over 100 amazing loose leaf teas and tea blends we are aware that many people prefer the on-the-go easiness of teabag sachets. In order to fulfill that need, we wanted to ensure that we created the most high-quality and sustainability-focused sachet teabags that we possibly could. 

No Microplastics Ever

First and foremost, there has been a lot of talk in recent media about microplastics in tea bags. If you’re simply reading this blog looking for an answer about whether or not Art of Tea teabag sachets contain any microplastics the answer is no, there has never been and will never be any microplastics in any Art of Tea pyramid sachets. 

Our pyramid teabag sachets are created from Soilon which is a 100% plant and vegetable-based material. If you’re looking for technical terms here, all of our pyramid sachets are made using a Polylactic Acid (PLA). PLA is derived solely from plant materials such as corn and other entirely renewable resources and this material is 100% commercially compostable. Our sachet material is tested at a third party to confirm that there is no PET plastic or nylon in our bags.

Compostable Teabag Sachets

Additionally, our sachets are ultrasonically sealed meaning that sound wave technology is used to close all of our sachets instead of any staples or glue which also aides in the commercially compostable process. Our pyramid sachets can be commercially composted with green/food waste. 

Commercial composting facilities use higher temperatures than backyard compost piles and are capable of handling the renewable PLA used in our tea sachets. We encourage you to look into commercial composting facilities in your area.

Inside Our Teabag Sachets

Aside from their beautiful on-the-go (and recyclable!) packaging and other eco-friendly factors, our pyramid sachets are filled with full leaf tea. This means that the same loose-leaf tea you buy from us is used inside of our sachets. Instead of the dust or fannings that are swept into piles on tea factory floors and placed in many other teabags, Art of Tea sources all of our tea only from the top 2% of the bag of tea. This means that the tea leaves placed into your sachet are fully intact and definitely not swept up from the floor. Additionally, did you know that we produce all of your favorite sachets in our facility in Los Angeles? Talk about a fresh teabag! 

Art of Tea Sachet Offerings

We offer 20 incredible teabag sachet flavors including our newest options, Bright Eyed and Matcha+. Because we produce all of our teabags in-house, we are able to also offer loose leaf tea options for each of our 20 sachet flavors. If you don’t know where to start or you’re looking for a great holiday gift, our 12-ct Sachet Sampler box is fantastic. If you have an absolute favorite, we encourage you to check out the 50-ct bulk boxes that we offer for each flavor and check out our Branded Wood Box as a way to store 6-8 sachet on your kitchen counter! 

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