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Organic Tea

Many people in today’s society (especially in Los Angeles) make a conscious effort to purchase organic produce and groceries. However, some may overlook the importance of buying organic tea as well. Organic tea is not only easier to find than you might think, but it also has a variety of benefits as well.

Organic Certification

Tea is considered organic if a third-party certification company, such as CCOF or QAI, certifies it. This means that all the ingredients used, and the entire process the tea goes through are approved: from the growing to the blending, to the packaging. During the growing process, organic tea leaves are not treated with any chemical pesticides (however, minimal, all-natural pesticides may be used). The caffeine and antioxidants produced by the tea leaves serve as natural pest prevention. By eliminating the use of harmful chemicals on the tea leaves, organic tea also keeps the surrounding environment and habitat cleaner and more sustainable.

Once the organic tea leaves are harvested, they are taken through a separate and rigorous process and cleaning procedure to ensure no cross-contamination with non-organic tea. When you purchase organic tea, it has been treated with the utmost care to follow the highest quality of organic standards.

High-Quality Tea

Creating a great quality tea that is also organic takes lots of time, testing, and cultivation of relationships with the tea farmers and suppliers. Finding a quality tea partner takes time and many cuppings, which according to our founder, Steve, is all part of the fun. Knowledge of harvest times and seasonal ingredients is also ideal to ensure maximum freshness. Here at Art of Tea headquarters, hundreds of organic teas are taste-tested regularly. This guarantees that we provide the highest quality, best tasting organic tea.

Try Organic Tea Today

Looking to try some of our organic tea? Start with the below!

  1. Silver Needle
  2. Jasmine Pearls
  3. Earl Grey Creme
  4. Classic Black
  5. French Lemon Ginger

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