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The Rarest, Most Precious Teas in the World

Are you a tea lover ready to take your passion to a new level? Much to the delight of your tea savoring taste buds, there's more to tea time than the typical peppermint tea and English blends. Maybe green tea or even matcha is starting to get a bit dull? Try something new! There are hundreds of different types of tea from all sorts of places and cultures. Some of them are so special they are in short supply. They are highly regarded as some of the Rarest Teas in the World. Sound interesting?

For example, there's Yellow Gold Tea Buds, a rare tea from Singapore. The leaves are hand-painted with real gold! Your guests may or may not be impressed with this offering, but either way, we give it the "gold medal" for most expensive and original. 

Another example of a rare tea is Da Hong Pao. It's an oolong tea that demands a luxurious price at tea auctions, partly because it's a historical connection to the Ming Dynasty. It's said that one of the emperor's mothers drank the tea and was cured of an illness. 

At Art of Tea, we are happy to carry a hand-picked list of rare and luxurious teas.

Try These Rare Teas From Art of Tea

  • Kyoto tea is sourced and blended by master tea blenders in Kyoto, Japan. Its flavor is grassy, roasted, and full. You may enjoy this one if you like green tea or matcha, but want to upgrade to something more sophisticated. It's easy on your stomach and the puffed rice adds a unique, full-body flavor. Get ready to fall in love!
  • Jasmine Pearls uses the original tea scenting techniques from a thousand years ago. Aromatic organic jasmine blossoms are used for scenting tender, organic green tea leaves. The tea leaves are then gently hand-rolled into precious tea "pearls".
  • Uji Gyokuro is a superior grade green tea carefully grown in adherence to traditional Japanese methods of growing and cultivation. Select green tea leaves are shade-grown for exactly two weeks, then quickly steamed to maintain optimal chlorophyll potency and bright green flavor. 
  • Organic Golden Monkey tea leaves and buds are very carefully handpicked, one by one, by our tea master with over 20 years experience. The tea is picked from Keemun tea bushes in our select Chinese Garden. You may recognize the aromatic essence of amber, pistachio, or molasses. 
  • Jasmine Ancient Beauty is hand-harvested from thousand-year-old trees on Jing Mai Mountain in China. The forest reserve is 5,000 feet above sea level and highly protected. Gently scented with whole jasmine blossoms, this tea teases your buds with hints of jasmine, amber, and peach. 
  • 99% Oxidized Purple Oolong has all the potential benefits of the run of the mill oolong tea, like boosting metabolism and sharpening memory, but these dark purple hand-rolled leaves are special. They are so deep and flavorful you can steep them multiple times. If you are trying to transition from coffee, looking for a more gentle option with a similar bold flavor, this could be the tea for you. 
  • Immortal Nectar is a rejuvenating blend from rare, premium cave-aged pu-erh. This unrefined, organic, medium leafed elixir yields a deep brown coloration with a light, sherry bouquet. The smooth, earthy flavor is sure to soothe your immortal soul
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