All About Matcha

With a boost in following, matcha has become one of the most popular types of tea in the world. Originating from Japan, it’s benefits in health, beauty and overall well-being of those who choose to enjoy it are some of the many reasons for its rise to fame. We’ve broken down all of it’s uses for you below!

Matcha 101

Here’s Art of Tea’s introduction to all things matcha! Whether you are a seasoned matcha drinker or a beginner, start here to learn more about this beverage’s origin and background.

Cooking with Matcha Tea

Matcha isn’t only for tea! If you aren’t adding matcha to your favorite recipes, you’re doing it wrong. Check out our twists to your favorite recipes below, and get the benefits of matcha in your food too!


Ginger, smoothies, lattes...there are so many ways you can prepare matcha. Try out all of these different methods and pick your favorite! But believe’ll be hard.

Health Benefits of Matcha

Not only does matcha taste delicious, it has insane health benefits too! All the more reasons to become a member of the matcha fan club.


Matcha is the tea you need in your life! With so many uses in baking, drinking and all of its health benefits, we understand why its so “in” now and want you to understand too. Browse our tea collection and pick out which teas and matcha you want to try today!