Art of Tea x Boxed Water

At Art of Tea, we are always looking for ways to contribute to sustainability and a greener future. That’s why you’ll never find microplastics in our teabag sachets created from Soilon, a 100% plant and vegetable-based material that is fully compostable. It is also why we are very intentional with our partnerships. 

Boxed Water is equally committed to giving back to the planet. Their cartons are 92% renewable, 100% recyclable, and have a 64% lower carbon footprint than single-use plastic bottles. Boxed Water was the first of its kind and is the most sustainable option in the water aisle. Their 100% pure, high-quality water is both delicious and environmentally-friendly, making them the perfect base for our tea.

Together, we joined forces to create Boxed Matcha, a simple, sustainable, and travel-friendly way to get your Matcha on-the-go. This collaboration brings together Art of Tea’s delicious Matcha with Boxed Water’s sustainably-sourced, pure water. You can choose between Matchasticks, pre-portioned servings of ceremonial grade Matcha, or Matcha Fresca, premium grade Matcha with notes of melon for a refreshing twist through our new Boxed Matcha Fresca initiative. Boxed Matcha Fresca pairs a 4 oz bag of Matcha Fresca with 24 cartons of Boxed Water. Either way, the result is an intensely hydrating and nourishing beverage that can be enjoyed any time, any place. 

For each Boxed Matcha bundle sold, Boxed Water, in partnership with Art of Tea, will plant 2 trees in the U.S. National Forests with the National Forest Foundation (NFF). Our forests - which purify the air and water for our planet - are in need of help, with roughly 1 million acres in need of reforestation.

Sip sustainably with Boxed Matcha and Boxed Matcha Fresca today.