How Membership Works

How Your Subscription Membership Works

  • Your product(s) will have the option of being purchased as a one-time item or as a recurring subscription item.
  • When you subscribe you will receive 15% off of your purchase.
  • When subscribed your products are shipped every 30 days. By default, you will be charged just before a product is shipped.
  • Subscription orders ship via US Mail only.
  • You are able to update your delivery schedule with your account. 
  • Moving soon? Please remember to update your shipping address! Need help? Let us know!
  • Going on vacation? Feel free to update your upcoming order date.
  • Need more tea?! We understand. You can add products to your subscription!
  • Too much tea? You are able to skip your shipment in your account.
  • Need to cancel your subscription? We will miss you but we understand. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

For questions, concerns, or to cancel or pause please contact us at or call us at US: 1-877-268-8327   INTERNATIONAL: 213-493-6518