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What Tea Should I Choose?


Enjoy the many comforts for our herbal and botanical fusions any time of day without worrying about the stimulative effects of caffeine.


Expand your palate and enjoy a wide variety of Art of Tea's most beloved teas from the Classic Collection. This program is perfect for any tea drinker looking to experience the nuances of every tea type.


A tea purist's dream, this program features our finest single origin teas sourced from all over the world. Discover rare teas and treasure your favorites with these high-quality teas. (Single Origin subscriptions include 2 oz. offerings of our rare and single origin teas.)


For the tea drinker who wants to explore a wide variety of teas and blends, the Explore teas will transport your mind to exotic locations and excite your taste buds with exciting and delicious flavors.


Designed to accommodate your on-the-go lifestyle, our pyramid teabag tins offer a tast of our most popular teas in convenient eco-friendly sachets.