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Black Tea Types & Variants

Usually, high quality black tea is kept within the country of origin and very rarely gets exported. However, Art of Tea has cultivated unique relationships with fair trade organic black tea estates and growers, therefore allowing us an exclusive opportunity to share those teas with you. Depending on the aroma, flavor, body, elevation, and time of harvest, Art of Tea offers a wonderful variety of black teas ranging from single-origin to blended infusions. Here is a breakdown of some of our favorite black tea types and variants:

*Chinese Black Teas

Congu – Slightly sweet in flavor, this brisk yet rich tea is the perfect starter component for creating kombucha tea.

Keemum Mao Fang – This historically revered tea has been passed down from generation to generation and is still prized for its aromatic properties today. This magnificent tea yields a vibrant cup with notes of pine, cocoa and marshmallow.