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4th of July BBQ Recipes

With the 4th of July right around the corner, many of you are gearing up to host a big BBQ bash. We wanted to make your planning that much simpler by giving you handy iced tea and BBQ food pairing options. These pairings will help compliment the flavors of your favorite summer food. Happy Fourth!

Keeping it Healthy

If you're tossing up a few salad options we suggest brewing some Summer Peach Iced Tea. Art of Tea's Summer Peach Iced Tea is a sweet, fruity cup with a rich traditional black tea flavor, making it the perfect drink to celebrate the Fourth of July. The subtle fruit flavors and the bold black tea base help add more fruitiness and depth to an otherwise 'green' meal. The natural sweetness of Summer Peach is similar to that of sweet tea but does not get in the way of your healthy goals. 

Classic Grilled Favorites

Sticking to the classics and grilling up some hot dogs and hamburgers? Pair our Meyer Lemon or Green Pomegranate Iced Tea for a refreshing sip after each bite. Art of Tea's Meyer Lemon Iced Tea has bright citrus flavors of real Meyer lemons, complemented by the characteristic grassiness of ultra-premium green teas. The acidity from both teas cuts through the fattiness of these delicious grilled foods. 

Branching out a little and preparing some BBQ chicken? Brew some of our Classic Black Iced Tea to enjoy. Art of Tea's Classic Black Iced Tea will compliment any sweet or spiced BBQ chicken with a malty black tea flavor. Looking to prepare a sweet tea to pair with your BBQ chicken? We suggest using Classic Black Iced Tea as a base and sweetening it up however you please.

Need to Cool Off

Going to be a hot one? Prepare some of our favorite Hibiscus Cooler Popsicles for everyone to enjoy. These popsicles are all of the fun without all of the sugar. They also require only 3 ingredients making preparation quick and easy with limited mess.

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