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Pick the Perfect Iced Tea for Your July 4th

Break out the grills and iced tea pitchers. It's time for the 4th of July! Whatever your plans to celebrate America might be, you're going to want to stay refreshed with a glass of iced tea. Which iced tea you choose, however, might depend on your plans. We've found the perfect iced tea pairings for some of the most common Independence Day festivities!

Barbecue with Friends and Family

For this classic July 4th game plan, we can't think of a tea more appropriate than Summer Peach. With subtle hints of sweet peach, this black tea blend is absolutely amazing for a Summer outdoor shindig. Give your barbecue a Southern flair by mixing Summer Peach with a touch of Bourbon, cooking barbecue, and grilling peach and pineapple slices for dessert!

Hitting the Beach or Chilling by the Pool

Hanging out by the water this Tuesday? There's nothing cooler (pun intended) than icy Hibiscus Cooler by the pool or in an insulated bottle at the beach! This tart hibiscus blend has playful, floral flavors and a bite that refreshes and quenches thirst. (By the way: If you're looking for the perfect 4th of July Instagram photo, Hibiscus Cooler's vibrant pink color makes it extremely photogenic.) 

Nighttime Firework Display

As the day comes to a close, you might want to try a caffeine-free iced tea. We suggest 9:00 PM (formerly Brulee Mint). Named for the time in which this tea is best enjoyed, 9:00 PM has a sweetness reminiscent of caramel. This tasty tea has a refreshing mint finish, too, so even if the weather hasn't cooled down by the time fireworks are heating up, you'll still feel the relief of icy mint!

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