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Your Valentine's Day Tea Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is on its way. Because V-Day can sneak up on you, it's best to start shopping and planning as soon as possible. Make those restaurant reservations, find that perfect card, and start thinking about what you could give your loved one. If your sweetheart loves tea, we're going to make this year easy for you with ways to save, shop, and splurge on your Valentine.


Nothing shows your love and adoration quite like a homemade gift. From the forethought to the effort, a handmade present takes time and care. This year, pamper your person with homemade tea-infused chocolates and beauty gifts. Using just Grade A Matcha, you can make amazing truffles. Or use your special someone's favorite loose tea to make a sugar scrub or lip balm. 


If you and your partner exchanged small, store-bought gifts, a bag of loose leaf tea is the way to go. Not only does grabbing a bag of their favorite tea show them you've been paying attention, but it's also a way to give them something they'll enjoy all the time. They'll think of you every time they make a cup of tea. (Which we're guessing is often.) If you're not sure which tea your person loves most, get something new and exciting, like a blooming tea or a wellness blend like For Her or For Him


For some people, Valentine's Day is the time to pull out all the stops. From decadent pieces of jewelry to four-course meals, some Cupids will spare no expense to show their love for their Valentine. You don't have to splurge to spoil! Case in point - our Tea for Two Gift Set. It has everything you'd need for romantic tea time for two: 2 handmade ceramic mugs and an assortment of some of our most popular teabags. Wrapping, not your forte? We've taken care of that, too. All of our Tea for Two Gift Sets come beautifully wrapped in a custom-crafted wood box. (We've even knocked the price down on this gift set 10% for Valentine's Day because it's that perfect of a gift.)

Which will you choose this year? Save, shop, or spoil? No matter what, your Valentine is sure to have a wonderful Valentine's Day if they get to spend it with the two things they love most: tea and you!  

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