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Are You a Tea Rookie? Do These Three Things!

Jumping into tea culture can seem intimidating, especially when you're enjoying high-quality teas as you'd get from Art of Tea. It's easy to assume you can prepare and drink these teas like you would an average tea from a grocery store - microwave water, submerge the tea bag indefinitely, and sip. To get the best results from Art of Tea, you're going to need a bit more artistry with your tea. Follow these three simple steps to enjoy luxurious cups of tea time after time.

Store your tea correctly.

The key to long-lasting, flavorful tea starts with proper storage. Tea is sensitive to three elements: light, heat, and humidity. You can protect your tea from these elements by keeping your Art of Tea products in an airtight container.

Not sure where to find an airtight container? It's easy! We've already sent you one! Every Art of Tea product is shipped in either an airtight, resealable pouch, or an airtight tin. Just keep your products in this packaging when not in use and your tea will last a long time. 

You should also take care to store your container somewhere cool, dry, and out of sunlight. It's probably not the best idea to keep your tea next to the oven or the stove, but a clear spot in the cupboard is perfectly fine. Tea also has an odor and moisture-absorbing properties. Take that into consideration when choosing a place to store your tea, too. 

Pay attention to what water you're using.

98% of brewed tea is water. While that other 2% packs quite a flavor punch, it's still crucial that you use clean, filtered water.  Using tap water or low-quality water can negatively affect the flavor of your tea. 

Water quality issues are easily avoided. Use clean water sources or filtration systems to ensure great-tasting tea. For more information on sourcing the best water for your teas, you can read our blog post on water quality. 

Follow the preparation instructions.

Tea is a delicate, but forgiving plant. That's why we provide instructions for preparing each tea on the packaging. You'll notice that every tin or resealable pouch has information for how much tea to add, what temperature water to use, and how long to steep. You should look at these preparation tips like strong recommendations. We highly suggest you prepare your tea as closely to these guidelines as possible, but your tea won't be completely ruined if you can't get your water to the exact temperature or if you over-steep by a minute. 

If you're using our Eco Pyramid Teabags, you don't need to worry about measuring out the correct amount of tea. We've done it for you. If you're using loose leaf teas, we recommend using the Perfect Tea Spoon and our Art of Tea Filter Bags to prepare suggested servings of tea. 

Should you lose your Art of Tea packaging, you can always find instructions for each tea and tisane on its respective product page. Just look for the tab that says "Preparation Tips."

Preparing tea correctly should be an enjoyable, relaxing process. With enough practice, you'll begin to see tea preparation as a period for meditation and methodology in no time. 

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