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Brewing Art of Tea

“The journey of a thousand cups begins with a single sip” -Steve Schwartz, Founder of Art of Tea.

Finding that perfect taste experience is part of the craft. These are general guidelines, so feel free to experiment. Teas from Art of Tea can be prepared in teapots, infusers, and other teaware.

How to Brew Tea

  1. Enjoying the process of preparing your tea can be part of your daily ritual, taking a few moments to heighten your senses and enhance your tasting experience.
  2. Fill your kettle with freshly drawn water and bring to accurate temperature (see our steep chart for help to determine the correct temperature for your tea)
  3. Place the recommended amount of loose tea per cup in your choice of teaware. For a stronger infusion, simply add more tea with the same steep time
  4. Pour hot water over your tea leaves, cover, & infuse 
  5. Enjoy your tea and allow your taste buds to unfold the unique characteristics within your cup. Most teas can be re-steeped multiple times


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Pick up new skills on brewing tea by reading our resources to help make the perfect cup.