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Finding Balance - The Tea Paradox

One of the things many people struggle with is finding time to find balance. It really is a tea paradox because once you make time for tea you realize how much more time you have. When we take a moment to remember how expansive this world really is we realize there is no time to waste on unmindful lethargy. We need to chill out some times but chilling out with intention is different than spacing out from overload. Once one's mental bucket is full then it is challenging to empty it. And with media and technology overload it is easy to become well, overloaded. Ideally, we can find an hour a day of reconnecting and making the day great however that is not always possible.

So, 10 minutes we can do on a break at home or at work. A great teacher once said you have to know what you know. Meaning once you know something to stick with it doesn't trick yourself into not knowing. With tea, knowing how to make great tea starts by finding the right water, using the right storage, selecting the best tea possible, and taking a few minutes to prepare your select tea. In only ten minutes a day, this time can be spent as a recharge moment to improve the rest of your day.

Start with ten minutes without your phone or computer or any distractions and build from there. Stick with this rhythm and you'll be surprised at what only ten minutes can do.

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