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Get Creative With Our Eco Pyramid Teabags!

Since last fall, we've been slowly unveiling our newly re-designed products. Art of Tea is over a decade old, so these changes are and were majorly exciting! We've updated our look to help express the artistry we put into our teas. Each bold pattern reflects the exciting flavors stored within. Our new Teabag Sachets are no exception! With designs this creative, we know you'll want to get creative with tea, too! Here are a few ideas to help you explore our new teabags.

A Creamier London Fog

Earl Grey Creme continues to be one of our most popular blends. There's something undeniably delicious about this creamy twist on a British classic. Though this blend does not actually contain cream, it does lend itself well to a drink that does contain dairy: The London Fog. This tea latte simply combines Earl Grey with steamed milk. Use Earl Grey Creme and your latte will deliver amazingly creamy and rich flavors!

It's Never Too Chilly For Ice Pops!

Even when the weather is plummeting and the winter winds are blowing, you can still enjoy an ice pop by the fire. Or, if somebody in your house loves to crank the heat up a little too high, you can enjoy an ice pop to cool off. Even if you are a little chilly, we have an ice pop so tasty that you'll brave the cold just to enjoy it. Using pyramid sachets of our second most popular tea, White Coconut Creme, you can make White Coconut Creme Pops with delicious creamsicle flavor. (Or, if you really don't want to feel the chill, you can always enjoy White Coconut Creme as is!)

Re-Use Your Teabags

 We're asked all the time if using teabags is wasteful or harmful to the environment. If you're drinking teabags with metal staples in them, the answer is likely Yes. Our teabags are different, though. Our Eco Pyramid Teabags are (as the name suggests) eco-friendly! The actual bag is made from a corn derivative and is sealed with sound waves. No metal staple here! Re-use your teabags as compost by simply burying them in your garden. You can also use freshly-used teabags in art projects.

We can't wait for you to try our new teabags. They're the same great flavors you've come to know and love, but with a spectacularly re-designed exterior. We hope you adore them as much as we do! 

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