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How To Use Steeped Teabags In Gardening

Did you know that steeped teabags, like Art of Tea’s biodegradable filter bags and eco-friendly teabag sachets, can be used to help hydrate, fertilize, and feed your plants? Learn how to flourish your garden with Art of Tea!

Tea Can Work As A Natural Fertilizer

Teabags may help fertilize your garden. As the tea leaves and bag begin to break down and decompose, they release nutrients into the soil that helps plants retain water and thrive. That said, you should use tea only on your plants that like acidic soil. Tea lowers the soil’s pH and increases its acidity, so only plants that thrive in slightly acidic soil will do well with the addition of tea.

Teabags In Your Garden May Deter Pests

Teabags have been known to keep pests from damaging and destroying your plants. Simply bury the teabags in your garden and the smell will keep pests and rodents at bay. Using steeped teabags as a DIY pest repellent is both a cost-effective and all-natural alternative to sprays that you might find at the market.

Tea Can Be Used As A Weed-Killer

Teabags have been known to inhibit the growth of weeds, especially those full of steeped black tea. Simply place brewed black teabags on weeds and witness the magic for yourself!

Steeped Tea Can Help Prevent Fungus Growth

Black tea and chamomile tea, like our Egyptian Chamomile Tea, have been known to help combat fungus growth on plants. Simply place brewed teabags directed on your outdoor and indoor plants at the roots to prevent fungicide and keep them healthy.

Teabags Make Great Additions To Your Compost Piles

Placing teabags directly on your compost pile can help break down other items, allowing you to use your compost sooner. You must ensure that your teabags don’t contain any harmful microplastics in order for this to work, so we recommend always being mindful and reading labels.

Teabags Can Feed Friendly Earthworms

Earthworms are crucial to keeping your garden looking its best. They are hard at work making tunnels that allow water and air to the roots of the plants and used teabags are a great food source for them.


Clearly, there are a multitude of ways that used teabags to help keep your garden looking its best. That said, you should use high-quality, organic tea whenever possible and should always ensure that the teabags are fully biodegradable and do not include any unnatural ingredients like sealing plastics or staples. Additionally, please note that you should never add hot teabags to your garden as the temperature may shock your plants. Let teabags cool first for best results.

Once you take these precautions, you can utilize steeped teabags in your gardening for a multitude of reasons to help your plants bloom and thrive. Ultimately, using teabags in your garden is an eco-friendly way to repurpose your tea and keep your garden looking beautiful. Try it today!

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