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Mimosa Monday! Start Planning for Next Weekend

When your case of the Mondays hit and you're desperately wishing it was still Sunday, there are few better ways to banish the blues than by preparing for your next weekend. Well, maybe flying to some tropical destination would be better, but let's be realistic! We have the perfect tea-infused mimosa and Bellini recipes for you so you can get to grocery shopping now for deliciously boozy brunch this weekend.

Summer Peach Bellini

A tea-twist on the classic peach cocktail, the Summer Peach Bellini is sophisticated and sweet. To start, make your Summer Peach base by brewing a 2QT packet of the tea using 2 cups of hot water instead of 4. This will make a peachy tea concentrate for you to mix with. Let this concentrate cool in the refrigerator. While it's cooling, make a peach puree and let that cool in the fridge, too. Combine your tea, the puree, and an optional splash of champagne to finish off your cocktail! 

Hibiscus Cooler Poinsettia

Using the same concentrate formula (2QT packet in 2 cups of hot water) you used in the Bellini recipe, you can make a creative take on the Poinsettia. Poinsettias are a mimosa made with a cranberry juice base. Hibiscus Cooler doesn't have cranberry in it, but the hibiscus flower gives a similar fruity tartness that works well in this recipe. Let the Hibiscus Cooler chill before mixing it with a splash of champagne and adding 1/2 ounce of Cointreau to give your drink a hint of orange flavor. 

Meyer Lemon Mimosa

Of course, we have to include at least one version of the simple, classic mimosa! Again, to make this drink, you'll need to make a concentrate using a 2QT iced tea packet of Meyer Lemon and 2 cups of water. Let that concentrate chill. Add a small splash of orange juice and top your drink with champagne. The sweet citrus flavors should mingle perfectly, with an added kick of flavor coming from the green tea and rooibos.

It's never too early to look forward to fun weekend plans. Get your cocktail supplies ready and send out the guest lists now! You can host an amazing brunch Saturday or Sunday and serve up cocktails your friends have never tried before. Cheers!  

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