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Summer Sangria Tea

Searching for luxury and mixed exotic flavors in an affordable cold drink? Are you trying to cut back on your alcohol intake? Are you trying to lessen your calorie intake and keep your svelte shape for the summer? If you answered yes, to any of the above, we at the Art of Tea have a sensational solution for you. Tea Sangria. Yes, that's what we said. The delicious, fruity beverage in a non-alcoholic tea form.

Use your favorite black tea, but if you're a fan of green, white, oolong, or a special herbal infusion, use that instead. Not only is this creation absolutely thirst to quench, but it is really a fabulous pitcher or bowl to look at.

Here's what you'll need:

  • One gallon of fresh spring or purified water
  • Eight to ten Art of Tea teabags or eight to ten heaping teaspoons of your favorite Art of Tea blend
  • Fresh fruit cut into small, wedge-like pieces
  • Here you can use your own discretion: Wash and peel two to three cups of oranges, kiwis, raspberries, strawberries, (any berry), lemons, limes, peaches, apples and pears(remove the seeds and core), etc. Chill in refrigerator until ready to use
  • Ice cubes made from fruit juice or the same blend you are using for the Tea Sangria


  1. Heat water to almost boiling, then brew the tea for a minimum of five minutes or to taste.
  2. Chill brewed tea for at least an hour
  3. Chill the glasses, pitcher or bowl in the freezer
  4. Place fruit or tea cubes into bowl or pitcher
  5. Add fruit and pour tea over fruit and ice
  6. For an added treat garnish the chilled glass with a lemon or lime wedge
  7. Enjoy

We're anxious to hear what you think, so once you've tried this recipe, drop us a quick note. We're also looking to hear from you about your own special take on a refreshing summer beverage that you've created. If it's new and something we've never seen or heard of before we'll feature it somewhere on our site.


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