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Head Back to School with the Perfect Morning Tea for You

Is the Summer over already? The season isn't quite finished yet, but students are heading back to school, and summer vacation is coming to a close. With school comes early mornings, frantically dashing around the house getting ready, and dreaded carpool lines. It's a rude awakening from the relaxing days of Summer, but don't worry! If your family is saying goodbye to sunshine and hello to schoolbooks, these teas are definitely for you.

You want a boost, but you don't want a caffeinated tea...

Try Bright Eyed or a blend with trace amounts of caffeine. Bright Eyed uses Ayurvedic principles to help wake you up and feel alert. With ginger and turmeric, Bright Eyed's flavor is intoxicating and its spiciness is an excellent start to your morning. Blends with chocolate in them taste delicious and also give some of the cacao's natural caffeine kick. Velvet is a minty and chocolatey rooibos-based tisane. 

You want tea, but it's so hot out still...

Try iced tea! Better yet, try iced tea that you made for yourself the night before. Is there anything better than being kind to your future self? Sometime during the evening, fill an Art of Tea Filter Bag with one of your favorite loose teas. Place the filter bag in a glass or bottle filled with water. Leave the vessel in your fridge overnight. The next morning, you'll have refreshing cold brew waiting for you in your fridge!

You're not a morning person...

We know how you feel. If waking up at 6:00 AM isn't your cup of tea then maybe our 6:00 AM tea is. This bold black tea is flavorful and packs enough caffeine to jump-start your day. If you're looking to get your caffeine fix with your breakfast, consider using Matcha to make a Matcha smoothie or smoothie bowl. All you need is a little Matcha and you're set for the day!

Your kids want to drink tea, too...

Classic breakfast juices, like apple juice cranberry juice, and orange juice, are full of sugar. Check the back of your carton or bottle and you might be surprised to see how many grams of Sugar are really in there! Consider introducing caffeine-free teas to your kids instead. Italian Blood Orange and Apricot Escape are both excellent fruity tisanes that are tasty enough to take juice's place! If your kids love the tartness of cranberry, try giving them Hibiscus Cooler. You can even try serving these teas iced to give your kids a little something sweet with their breakfasts.

Your morning routine might be changing, but that doesn't mean it has to be more difficult! Give yourself the gift of a morning cup of tea to keep yourself invigorated for the school year. 

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