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Three Cheer-Up Teas for Positive Thinking Day!

September 13th is Positive Thinking Day! We're positively excited about an opportunity to try to be more optimistic for a day. Whether that means you take a quick break from technology for yourself, think about what you're grateful time, or just spend time doing something that makes you happy, plan to do something that boosts positive thinking today. You don't have to put too much effort into thinking positively today. It can even be as simple as just drinking a tea that can elevate your mood. If you want to enjoy a cup of tea while simultaneously making yourself feel a little bit more cheerful, try these three Art of Tea blends.


Want to feel more positive? Get Happy... literally. We blended delightful ingredients, like raspberries and apple bits to make our Happy tea fruity, sweet, and deliciously fragrant. From the moment you open the tea to your first sip, you'll be surrounded by berry aromas that will make it impossible to have a negative thought. With a hint of energizing Guayusa, Happy will put a little pep in your step, too. 

Feel Better

You might think that our Feel Better tisane is for sick days when you're stuck in bed, covered by blankets, tissues, and cough wrap wrappers. This caffeine-free blend is great for those occasions, but we're really referring to a mental and emotional "Better." Thinking positively can help you feel better, but this Ayurvedic blend can help, too! Using Western herbs and botanicals, this tea can help lift your spirits and make you feel warm and fuzzy. 


While Matcha itself might not explicitly boost your mood, it can contribute to something that can make you feel happy: "teamind." Teamind is a state of flow and focus you achieve when you drink certain teas. Think about the last time you had a great cup of Ceremonial Grade Matcha before setting out to complete a task. What were your focus and attention like? Unlike coffee, tea gives you a calmer focus that helps you knock out tasks, which in turn helps you feel good. In fact, positive psychologist  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi argues that finding your groove and falling into a strong workflow can be a key component to finding happiness. Instead of letting yourself worry about upcoming due dates or piles of work, let yourself get into a teamind rhythm and power through your daily tasks with positivity!

No matter which tea you choose, be sure to take a moment today to feel positive and grateful. After all, the time you spend drinking your tea is one of the greatest benefits of tea itself!

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