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Which Tea Should You Drink this Labor Day Weekend?

While most holidays have a definite purpose or origin, Labor Day is a little bit up in the air. The holiday began in the late 1800s and serves to honor those who work within the United States. That's it. Seriously. So, if you've ever worked or if you plan to in the future, this day is for you! While you're living it up, you're going to want to stay hydrated. See which teas match up with your go-to Labor Day Weekend plan.

Hitting the Beach

If the sun is shining and you're either traveling to the beach or lucky enough to have it nearby, iced tea is your best move this weekend. The night before you head to the sandy shores, but one of our 2 QT tea packets into a pitcher of water and store it in the fridge. You'll have an entire pitcher of iced tea ready to go for the beach in the morning. Transfer your tea to an insulated beverage jug and enjoy refreshing tea all day. We think the Garden of Eden and Hibiscus Cooler could be especially tasty in the late Summer heat. 

Rest and Relaxation

Labor Day's entire purpose is to celebrate your hard work, so why not take a well-deserved break? If you're staying indoors for the long weekend, zen out with our Chill and Sleep blends. Both are made with ingredients that are believed to help you relax. You can also pick a tea based on the movie you watch or the book you read. No matter what you choose, though, you'll likely have a mellow day if you enjoy a caffeine-free blend and plop yourself down on a nice, cozy couch. 

Shopping Labor Day Sales

Okay, so we cheated a little bit on this one. We think Labor Day Sale shoppers should get ready for their day with a Matcha Smoothie Bowl. It's not technically a glass or cup of tea, but it still includes the camellia sinensis plant and that's what matters! Consumers preparing to face the crowds of sale shoppers should enjoy an energizing, nutritious breakfast that can help them power through the day and make the most of the sales. Matcha gives you a nice kick of energy because it's the actual tea leaf ground down and not just the extraction of tea's components. Add a little bit of fruit and you're all set. And who knows. Maybe Art of Tea will have a sale, too...

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