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Why Travelers are Loving Art of Tea Sachets

Where in the world are you heading in 2019? One of the best parts of a new year is a clear schedule and a fresh planner to jot down all of your upcoming travels! Whether it's a road trip to visit family or a flight overseas to explore roads less traveled, most travelers like to have something with them that resembles the comforts of home. This is part of the reason we decided to create our Art of Tea pyramid sachet teabags. In our humble opinion, there is nothing like being able to sip your favorite tea from anywhere in the world. 

Full Leaf Tea Sachets

Aside from their beautiful on-the-go packaging and eco-friendly factors, our sachets are filled with full leaf tea. There is no paper, no staples, and no glue used in producing any of our sachets. Additionally, instead of the dust or fannings that are swept into piles on tea factory floors and placed in many other teabags, Art of Tea sources all of our tea only from the top 2% of the bag of tea. This means that the tea leaves placed into your sachet are fully intact and definitely not swept up from the floor.

The Potato Chip Bag

One of our founder's favorite ways to explain how Art of Tea sources our tea is related to an unsalted bag of potato chips. When you buy a new bag of unsalted potato chips you open it up and at the top, there are large, full-size chips. As you make your way down the bag the chips start to get smaller and smaller due to breakage. By the time you hit the bottom of the bag, you're left with the crumbs and dust of what used to be full-size chips. At tea factories around the world, teas are sorted by size and quality. As they are sorting the tea, this is when the dust and fannings of the leaves begin to fall to the floor, similar to the bottom of the chip bag, and that dust is then swept into piles and placed into many other teabags. No thank you!

We are happy to say that the same loose leaf tea you love at Art of Tea is what is placed into each of our sachets. Additionally, our sachets are produced with love in our warehouse located in Los Angeles. 

Art of Tea Sachets at Home

Our current sachet offerings include some of our most popular blends such as White Coconut Creme and Earl Grey Creme. If you know you have a favorite Art of Tea sachet, one of our favorite kitchen hacks is to purchase your favorite teabag in bulk (yes, we offer 50-ct boxes!) and place 6-8 sachets into our branded wooden box in your cabinet for ease (and Tidyness!).

Travelers Tips

If you're looking to take your sachets on-the-go just simply grab and go! They will easily fit into a purse, pocket, and maybe even your wallet! Pro travelers tip: many coffee shops will happily provide you with a cup of hot water that you can use to place your Art of Tea sachet into at no cost. One of the best places to sip Art of Tea is from the air - just ask your awesome flight attendant for some hot water, grab your sachet from your carryon, and Woila! 

There is nothing better than a taste of home while on the go. We look forward to seeing where you travelers take your Art of Tea this year! 

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