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Introducing: Boxed Matcha

A lot of times we get asked about what water quality has to do with tea. Many people don’t realize that tea is almost completely water. In fact, a cup of tea is 98% water and 2% tea. When you think about it, a cup of hot tea is just water with the extracted oils of a tea leaf. 

Due to the fact that the majority of what you consume in a cup of tea is water, it’s best to ensure that you have high-quality water so that you can have high-quality tea. Poor water quality can affect the aroma, flavor, and clarity of your tea. If you’re noticing your tea tastes off, it’s worth it to see if your water quality is the cause.

High-Quality Water = High-Quality Tea

If you’re looking for a high-quality water source that’s making a positive impact we have discovered what we believe to be some of the best of the best. Boxed Water has been finding a better way since its inception in 2009. They obsess over providing the purest and best tasting water in the most sustainable way and they are constantly finding new ways to make a positive impact. This means high-quality water can be delivered straight to your door - sustainably. New York Times Magazine Grub Street even named Boxed Water the winner for best tasting boxed water on the market. 

Taking it one step further, we thought what could be better than collaborating with this like-minded brand to create a perfect cup of tea. So we did it, together.

Hello Boxed Matcha

Introducing our Boxed Water x Art of Tea Matchasticks collab: Boxed Matcha. Buy your first case today at boxedwaterisbetter.com!

Sip the freshest, most bio-available matcha on the market together with 100% purified water, that has no minerals added. With one Matchastick per one 16oz box of water, each package has 24 boxes of water with 24 sticks. Simply pour, shake, and go.

But wait, we’re there’s more! For each product sold, we’ll plant 24 trees in partnership with Boxed Water in U.S. National Forests with the National Forest Foundation (NFF).

Sip sustainably. 

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