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Drink up the Season with This Apple Cider Tea Recipe!

There are few things more pleasant than a cup of Apple Cider on a chilly Fall evening. We captured these flavors in our caffeine-free Apple Pie blend, but you can make the flavors pop even more by adding a twist to this recipe! Here is a kid-friendly and adult-friendly apple cider recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Creamy Apple Cider

This recipe is full of ingredients, but we promise it isn't difficult! Using natural sweeteners and ingredients already used in our Apple Pie blend, you can make this dreamy and creamy Apple Cider for your whole family. Raw apple cider vinegar punches up the flavor of this drink, and it is believed to have healthful properties. Cinnamon adds a spicy kick, and you can never go wrong with extra pieces of apple. Yum!

Apple Pie Cocktails

Tea and alcohol can be an awesome combination. Who would've thought? We've explored mixing tea with different spirits before, and there's a tea that goes with almost every type! When enjoying hot Apple Pie as an alcoholic beverage, we suggest going for a drink like the Hot Toddy. Add a little bit of whiskey and bourbon with a splash of honey for a warm and cozy cocktail. If you prepare Apple Pie as a cold tea, try using it to mix with champagne. We love the idea of using teas as a base of mimosas. With Apple Pie, your tea-mosa will taste like a delicious twist on sparkling apple cider. 
Of course, you can always enjoy our teas as-is. We like to say that our teas are naturally flavorful enough to stand their own and still taste amazing. Be sure to also explore our other pie tisane Pumpkin Pie!
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Whether hosting a gathering or snuggling up by the fire, the fall season is the perfect time for tea. Here are some of our favorite ways to use tea this Autumn. 

Creamy Apple Cider from


  • 2 cups of strongly-brewed Apple Pie Tea
  • 1 cup of whole milk or cashew milk
  • 2 broken or chopped cinnamon sticks
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp raw Apple Cider Vinegar (For best results, use a vinegar that includes 'The Mother'.)
  • 1 chopped red apple
  • Raw honey to taste


  1. Simmer milk, cinnamon sticks, ground cinnamon, and apple cider vinegar, and apple bits in a saucepan.
  2. Remove cinnamon sticks and apple bits.
  3. Pour remaining liquid into cups of strongly-steeped Apple Pie tea.
  4. Sweeten with honey if you so wish.