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No-Churn Ice Cream Recipe Round Up!

Delicious ice cream doesn't have to be difficult. Forget about that ice cream maker that's been sitting in your online shopping cart for weeks and try out these no-churn recipes that feature our favorite ingredient: tea! We've gathered three of the recipes we think you'll love this summer so you can start enjoying amazing homemade ice cream as soon as possible!

Matcha Ice Cream

It wouldn't be a recipe roundup without a Matcha recipe. Matcha is super easy to use in the kitchen because of its easily-measured powder form. A little bit of Matcha goes a long way and this Matcha Ice Cream recipe from Melanie Cooks is no exception. With just a tablespoon or so of Matcha, a few common ingredients, and a mixer, you can put together a sweet and complex ice cream with a brilliant hue and flavor! You'll be amazed by how decadent your no-churn ice cream will be!

Earl Grey and Honey Ice Cream

Another classic flavor you can find in many dessert forms is Earl Grey. This citrusy black tea is flavored with oil of Bergamot and is wildly popular in Europe and in the United States. That citrus smoothness makes it a wonderful candidate for ice cream! This Earl Grey and Honey Ice Cream from Port and Fin are just what you need in the sweltering heat of Summer. No-churn and sweetened with only natural honey and condensed milk, this Earl Grey and Honey Ice Cream is the elegant ice cream your Summer dinner soirees are looking for! As always, we suggest spicing this recipe up with London or Earl Grey Creme to explore new and exciting flavors. 

Thai Iced Tea Ice Cream

Thai Iced Tea can be a delicious treat when you're out to dinner or visiting a boba shop, but it's often difficult to replicate at home. This Thai Iced Tea Ice Cream from Vittles and Bits replicates the flavor and ups the ante by turning it into scrumptious ice cream. For a more natural alternative, you can skip the food dye, but we're loving the way they cleverly turn ordinary black tea into something extraordinary! 

Have an ice cream machine? There are dozens of recipes waiting for you to try on the Art of Tea Pinterest page! Sort by tea type to find the perfect recipe for you. 

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