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The Easy Way to Make Sun Tea

We want to make sure our tea drinkers have all the tools necessary to make awesome tea. That includes teaching tea drinkers how to properly brew tea! We've talked about how to properly brew tea, how to quickly make iced tea, and how to cold brew, but there's one popular method of making iced tea we haven't covered yet: Making sun tea. 

Keep It Simple

Just like cold brew, sun tea doesn't take a lot of skill or focus. However, they both take time. We recommend letting cold brew tea steep in a fridge overnight, if not longer. Sun tea doesn't need as much time. All you need to do for awesome sun tea is put your tea outside, in a pitcher full of water for three to five hours. Let the sun do the rest!

The Perfect Supplies

To make sun tea even easier, we have the perfect pitcher to use when brewing iced tea through any method! The Takeya iced tea pitcher can hold 2 quarts of iced tea, which is convenient because we also sell pre-packaged tea pouches made specifically for a 2-quart pitcher. Want to make it even simpler? You can always buy a Takeya set, which comes with 2-quart pouches!

Double It Up

Sometimes, you just need more tea. If 2 quarts of tea isn't enough, try this tea hack out. Grab a gallon of water from your local grocery store. Try to get one made of hard plastic, as this jug will be outside for a few hours. Put two 2-quart pouches of tea in the jug and let it steep like you would any other sun tea. When it's done, serve it over ice, or put the cap back on to take your iced tea on-the-go.

Never let the process of brewing iced tea intimidate you! There are many ways to brew, so you can always find the method that works best for you!

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