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Your Summer Tea and Spirits Mixing Guide

Is Monday too early to prepare for the weekend? Maybe. But today's National Tequila Day, so that's not stopping us from breaking down which teas go best with your spirit of choice! If you thought a Vodka Water was the best choice for a "skinny" cocktail, you were mistaken. Tea packs a lot of flavor without any calories. No need to pinch yourself. You're not dreaming! See which teas go best with what's in your liquor cabinet. 

Meet Your Match

When pairing your liquor with a tea, it helps to think about what the spirit is classically mixed with. For example, Gin is often mixed with citrus and tonic. Vodka pairs well with the tartness of cranberry. Rum goes well with mint. Using these three as an example, we can already craft awesome tea mixed drinks! Try pairing gin with iced London. The floral notes of lavender will pair well with the subtle juniper notes in gin, while the oil of bergamot gives the citrus kick you expect from a gin and tonic. For a vodka mixed drink, we suggest using iced Hibiscus Cooler. This tea is incredibly flavorful, with the hibiscus contributing tartness reminiscent of Vodka's go-to partner, cranberry. Mimic a Mojito using iced tea to make a calorie-free rum cocktail that helps beat the heat. Brew iced Passionfruit Jasmine and add a splash of rum for the perfect, refreshing cocktail.

A Few More Pairings

We can't celebrate National Tequila Day without picking a suitable partner for Tequila! Tequila Sunrises rely on sweet citrus flavors to succeed, so we're banking on iced Italian Blood Orange to deliver a delicious tequila cocktail. (We recommend only using Tequila Blanco for this recipe, though!) Finally, for whiskey or bourbon, channel your inner-Southerner and brew either iced Summer Peach or Classic Black. Summer Peach is sweet enough on its own that you can mix it as is. For an even better cocktail, try adding a little simple syrup to your iced Classic Black before mixing. Yum!

You can always break from the Mixer+Spirits equation by trying out a tea cocktail! When you mix a few types of spirits with tea, even more, amazing flavors surface!

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