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10 Teas to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

It’s summer, and the dulcet tones of the ice cream truck beckon us from porches with the lure of cool, creamy treats. Fresh picnic pies cool on countertops, and the refrigerator clinks with pitchers of lemonade on hot evenings. Yes, it’s the glorious, sugar-filled season when your sweet tooth shouts, “Give me more!” but your body and brain call a timeout.

When you want to set some limits — or simply enjoy a calorie-free treat — Art of Tea can dazzle your taste buds without adding sugar. Our menu of dessert-inspired teas satisfies your sweet tooth with a festival of flavor right in your mug.

Chocolate and Vanilla Teas

Ice cream sundaes, frozen mochas, and the rest of their decadent friends meet their matches in our indulgent dessert-inspired tea selections featuring delicious depth and smoothness. Few desserts can rival creamy Vanilla Berry Truffle, a caffeine-free and balanced blend of tart and sweet flavors to please the palate. Dreamy chocolate with mint and vanilla notes, Velvet is a celebration of organic rooibos at its best.

Fruit and Berry Teas

Who needs pies, cobblers, or smoothies to get that perfect fruity fix? We’ve got three teas that balance sensational sweetness and subtle flavors with vibrant fruit and berry zings. Snap up Blueberry Pomegranate for an all-occasion crowd-pleaser only available during the summer. Popular and caffeine-free, Caramelized Pear combines honey with a fresh-baked sweetness that pampers. And there’s no better season than summer to get Happy, a bright pop of raspberries, hibiscus and jasmine to let your spirits soar.

Tropical Teas

If you’re craving a piña colada or a slice of coconut cream pie, we’ve got two tropical temptations sure to transport you like a sweet island breeze. Grab your sandals and brew Maui for luscious papaya, mango, and pineapple flavors in a green tea that invigorates you like a day at the beach. A darling among dessert teas, White Coconut Crème is a tantalizing award-winner perfect for sipping by the seaside or relaxing in the backyard.

Iced Teas

We’re sorry, Southern sweet teas, but we simply don’t need your sugary, syrupy ways. Our naturally sweet iced tea varieties only need a tall glass and a few glistening ice cubes to delight the senses. Hibiscus Cooler features stevia leaves for a natural sweetness that balances lemongrass and guayusa with lively floral notes. Award-winning Passionfruit Jasmine marries fruit and floral essences with green and black teas for a refreshing treat. And the season’s in the name with Summer Peach, a rich organic black tea with the bright sweetness of sun-ripened fruit.

Bid the sugar bowl farewell and choose tea for summer sweetness all year long!

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