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Iced Tea Ideas: Hot Teas That Are Even Better Iced

As we brave through the last weeks of cold weather and prepare for Spring, we can all start thinking about which delicious iced teas we'll be enjoying this Spring and Summer. Of course, you can always shop Art of Tea's Iced Tea section to find tried and true iced teas, but we also encourage you to get creative. Some of our teas are usually served hot but are even better cold. 

Imagine eating a slice of pizza that's just come out of the oven. Now imagine eating another slice of pizza, but this time, one that's been sitting in the fridge. Hot and cold pizza tastes wildly different, right? That's because heat plays a role in the way things taste. Similarly, teas taste different iced or hot. Many teas adopt a sweeter taste when served over ice, much like how pizza tastes slightly sweeter when it's served cold. 

Oolong Rose

If you didn't think an oolong would taste light and refreshing ice, then you're mistaken. When you think about it, darker oolongs are very close to becoming black tea, a tea that's the base of many iced teas. And lighter oolongs have light, often floral or sweet flavors. Oolong Rose is lightly oxidized, giving it a greener hue. When served as an iced tea, this tea is crisp and delicate, with subtly sweet floral notes. It's not the tea you'd drink with a meal on a patio, but we highly recommend sipping on iced Oolong Rose while laying out in a park or relaxing on a porch. 

White Coconut Creme

It's one of our best selling teas, and we're not surprised. With sweet coconut shreds and hints of smooth French vanilla, White Coconut Creme is a decadent treat served hot. Like many teas, the sweetness of White Coconut Creme is only enhanced when iced. We think iced White Coconut Creme tastes like a tropical drink mixed with a tasty creamsicle. In fact, you can even turn iced White Coconut Creme into an actual creamsicle. Perfect for poolside chilling or packing in a thermos for the beach, iced White Coconut Creme could be the best beverage you have all Spring and Summer. 

When looking for teas to try iced, look for fruity, floral, grassy, or sweet teas. Tea type isn't as important, but tasting notes are. A tea-like Blueberry Pomegranate might lend itself better to iced tea than an earthy tea-like Pu'erh. And, of course, you can never go wrong with a simple iced Matcha for a refreshing drink on a sunny day. 

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