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Which Earl Grey Tea Is Right for You?

If your favorite Art of Tea product is Earl Grey, you're not alone. It's one of the most popular teas at Art of Tea. There's something refreshingly delicious about the citrus and black tea flavors of this classic tea, and Art of Tea's Earl Grey happens to be award-winning. If you're 100% loyal to Earl Grey and you haven't tried any of its intriguing cousins, you might be selling yourself short, though. Art of Tea carries unique takes on this tea that are absolutely worth a try. Which one should you try?

If you love floral flavors...

Try London from our new Location Collection. This wonderfully aromatic blend of black tea, oil of bergamot, and organic lavender are whimsical, sweet, and lovely. You'll wonder how you haven't paired lavender and Earl Grey before. The floral notes are more forward, so you'll still get the Earl Grey finish you crave, but this twist on the British classic has a fragrance that will bewitch you. Use London in cooking, too, and whip up treats like Earl Grey Lavender Cookies and Earl Grey and Lavender Ice Cream. 

If you want a hint of creaminess without adding cream...

Try Earl Grey Creme! You saw this one coming, didn't you? It's another one of our most popular teas and we love it so much, we put it in our Classic Collection. Cornflowers, black tea, oil of bergamot, and natural flavors make this scrumptious tea creamy and delightful. Described by Art of Tea customers as "soothing" and "luxurious", this blend cuts a bit of the astringency of Earl Grey and is a bit more subtle. Try it out with your breakfast or sip on it as you read a book. It's a sweet alternative to standalone Earl Grey.  

If you also like green tea...

Try 9:00 AM from the Time Collection. Even the pickiest tea drinkers will love this green tea take on Earl Grey. Made with top-quality green tea leaves and oil of bergamot, this is a lighter alternative to the bold black tea flavor of Earl Grey. We suggest sipping on this one at, you guessed it, 9 am so the crisp citrus flavors perk you up and give you mental focus. 

Of course, we know sometimes, the original is exactly what you want. You can always find Earl Grey on the Art of Tea store. And if you want to get more out of your Earl Grey, you can also find a plethora of Earl Grey recipes on Art of Tea's Earl Grey-specific Pinterest board. That way, you can have even more Earl Grey in your life!

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