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Which Teas Have the Most Antioxidants?

Customers looking to have the best possible health outcomes from their food and beverage choices are quick to pick up on the benefits of regularly drinking teas. Not only does tea provide you with important antioxidants like tannins and catechins, but its varieties also offer you the opportunity to take in even more antioxidants and nutrients depending on the blend, the other herbs used to create its unique flavor, and the way the tea is harvested and prepared.

OK, But Which Ones Are Best?

The trust is, there is no “best” tea for antioxidant absorption. The different classes of teas have different antioxidants that help the body in different ways, it’s true. All of them are rich in these compounds, though, so all of them are beneficial. Like with many nutrients and minerals, antioxidants are most effective when they are consumed consistently, in moderate amounts that reflect a human’s ideal diet.

What does this mean for your tea choices? It means that your best bet is to simply focus on drinking two to three cups a day of your favorite blends for different moods and occasions. Since the different types of tea do have different antioxidants, switching things up will make sure you get the full range of available nutrients from this important food source.

Suggested Teas for Each Type

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These great tea flavors provide you with the chance to experience tea the way it is blended in various places around the world, opening up your senses and allowing you to experience the fresh, distinct, and nuanced flavors at home.

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