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Professional Tea Tasting Set

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Quick Overview:

Taste tea on a whole new level. With our Professional Tea Tasting Set, you can explore the flavors of premium teas from all over the world like never before, achieving the perfect brew to draw out every hidden aroma and subtlety in your favorite loose leaf teas. Made from professional grade white porcelain and designed to draw out all the flavors of premium loose leaf tea, our Professional Tea Tasting Set lets you sample tea life an expert from the comfort of your home. Order it online and you'll be experiencing a whole new universe of tea.

The three piece white porcelain set includes a brew cup with lid and a 6 oz. tasting bowl. This is ideal for single tea sampling.

Country of Origin: China

Orders usually take 3-5 business days to process before they ship
Steep your tea in the covered brewing cup and then pour into the tasting bowl. For a complete evaluation transfer your wet leaves to the upside down lid and place lid on your brew cup. Smell and survey the leaf characteristics. Use a spoon to sample the tea liquor or sip directly from the tasting bowl.