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3 Summer Iced Tea Essentials

In our opinion, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of Summer. (Or, as we like to call it: Iced Tea Season.) Sure, the calendar might say that Summer doesn't start until next month, but Summer festivities and activities start now. Whatever plans you may have this summer, make sure you have these three Summer Iced Tea Essentials. 

Iced Tea

Well, isn't this one obvious. If you want iced tea, you need to have iced tea! There are a few avenues to explore when brewing an iced tea. You can keep things classic with Classic Black, you can try our award-winning Green Pomegranate, or you can enjoy the quintessential Summer iced tea, Summer Peach. With iced teas, you can expect bold, fruity, and floral flavors. Temperature also plays a role in iced tea flavors. Because iced tea is (of course!) cold, you can expect naturally sweeter flavors, too. 

Don't be afraid to break the iced tea mold, either. Some of our teas are surprisingly delicious iced. White Coconut Creme's sweet, tropical flavors are amazing over ice. Even Matcha+ can be a treat when prepared as a cold brew. 

Brewing Supplies

Brewing iced tea doesn't need to be complicated. In fact, the simplest way to make iced tea is to make regular tea, let it cool off, and serve it over ice. However, you can make consistent, delicious iced tea even more easily with the proper supplies. We suggest using a Takeya Iced Tea Maker. That way, you can make enough iced tea for your entire family and you can store leftovers in the fridge. (That is if you have any leftovers!) Another way to make things easier? Try using our pre-packed 2QT iced tea pouches. They're the perfect size for a pitcher of iced tea and they'll take the guesswork out of your brewing process!


Like we said, making iced tea can be as simple as chilling and icing regular tea. But there are other methods for making delicious iced tea drinks, too. For example, you can make bold, flavorful iced tea through cold-brewing. You can then use your iced tea to make a classic Arnold Palmer. Iced Tea can be an amazing mixer for cocktails. Matcha can make for a refreshing cup of iced tea, too. Or, get even more creative and use iced tea to make sangria! 

There are lots of options for awesome iced teas this summer, but no matter what, you'll need great iced tea leaves, the right supplies, and recipes. So, cool off, relax, and have an amazing Iced Tea season!

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